Expeditsiya-Tur Ltd gives you the opportunity to visit one of the wondering and beautiful places of Russia Kolyma. You will join the world of Majestic mountains, the purest rivers, mountain and forest lakes, enjoy fresh air on the shore of the Sea of Okhotsk. You will be able to hunt the real trophy animals - Brown bear, east-siberian moose, snow ram, polar wolf. Also you may shoot the migrating and pine forest game: duck, goose, wood-grouse, grouse. You may get unforgettable rest and passion of grayling, lenka, arctic char whitespoted char fishing. For the lovers of wild nature we propose ecological tours, where you will have unique opportunity to see masses of Brown bear fishing, salmon spawning migration, school of different seals species (nerp, akiba, larga, lahtak), colonies of sea birds on the rocks of the Sea of Okhotsk.

Expeditsiya-Tur Ltd supplies the full range of services, including arrangement of hunting tickets, hunting licenses, veterinary certificates for the trophy transportation, services of helicopter, sea transportation, arrangement of accommodation, food and living of our guests in the base camps, in Magadan, and in village Omsukchan, booking of the hotel.

Expeditsiya-Tur Ltd has 1467,540 thousands hectares of hunting regions in its disposal. The region covers as continent, so and the sea shore. There are four camps with comfortable houses, saunas on this territory. Convenient disposition of these four camps permits to cover all the range of hunting region. Thats why we can skip intermediate temporary camps for the night, during the bear hunt.
You will be accompanied by professional guides-hunters, some of them were trained in Alaska.
The guides secure the finding of trophy, takes the security measures, skins the animal, makes all the proper measurements of trophy, makes the photos. The connection between the hunting group and base camp is established by satellite phone, stationary and carrying radio stations.
To move on hunt or on fishing, we have all-road vehicles, snowmobiles Buran, balloon boat Zodiak with Yamaha motors. Professional cooks are making the high quality food three times a day.

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