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Rybolovnaya kompania Ltd proposes fishing in Magadan area. Groups of 5-10 fishermen are welcome. The individual tours can be arranged upon preliminary agreement. Ecologically pure mountains rivers provide arctic char, whitespoted char, chum salmon, pink salmon, grayling, lenok, cisco, round cisco. The fishing places on Viliga, Kakanyga, Propaschaya, Korkodon rivers are far from the occupied places at 100ts kilometers. These places are not spoiled by civilization yet. You can try the fish soup - real Kolymskaya ukha, observe the brown bear, see the salmon spawning migration. August-september is the best season for fishing.
The main base is settled in the Pestraya Dresva bay, at the shore of Okhotsk sea. There are comfortable houses for 2-3 fishermen, with heating and electricity, with solid kitchen-canteen for 20-25 persons and Russian sauna with wood fuel. The professional cook, guides with hunting weapons to secure the fishing, satellite phone, all-road vehicles, to reach the fishing place, balloon boats Zodiak with Yamaha motors, sea boat for ten persons for sea voyages along the wild rocks of Okhotsk sea with seabirds colonies and schools of seals - everything is at our guests services. The journey to thermal springs at river Shirokaya and Tavatum can be arranged.

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