BROWN BEARS (Ursus arctos) occupy the dark forests with swamps, lakes and lawns/ You can meet Brown bear in Magadanskaya oblast on the coast of Okhotsk sea, in the mountains and even on the rocks. The species are up to 500 kg and 2.4 m length. The trophy hunt takes place in spring and in autumn.

Sport trophy hunt on brown bear

MOOSE (Alces alces) The moose is a large mammal, which is covered with long dark brown fur. It has humped shoulders and can grow to be 235 cm at the shoulder. The moose can also weigh 580-600 kg. Males grow a set of huge antlers . Moose also have a lump of hair, which hangs under its throat. The sport trophy hunt takes place in autumn, in the continental part of Omsukchansk district, of Magadanskaya oblast, in the area of Korkodon river.

Sport trophy hunt on the East-Siberian moose

SNOW BIGHORN SHEEP (Ovis canadensis) The Snow bighorn sheep is most notably distinquished by its large curved horns. These horns continue to grow in length and circumference during the life of the animal and are not shed annually like the antlers of deer and elk. Both sexes of sheep have horns, with the male or ram having the largest horns. They average over 43 inches (109.2 cm) long and almost 16 inches (40.6 cm) in circumference , and weigh up to 29.9 pounds (13.6 kg) per pair. Female, or ewe, sheep horns are much smaller, and do not have the strong curl displayed by males.
To survive, bighorn sheep require extremely rugged rocky terrain with steep canyon walls adjoining open grassy meadows. Thats why the hunters must be in good physical shape to boot the bighorn sheep

Snow Ram sport-trophy hunt

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